Student Communication Consultants

Communication consultants are undergraduate students who are embedded into communication-enhanced classes to serve as a resource for students and faculty. Faculty and departments who participate in curriculum consultations or faculty development with CxC are invited to apply to work with them. 


Communication consultants support student learning of communication in a course and discipline. They meet with students to discuss works in progress and consult on idea development and the revision process for writing and speaking assignments. Consultants also attend class to help support activities related to student learning of communication, but they do not grade or provide evaluation of students or their work nor do they replace faculty teaching. They work on average 8 hours per week/15 weeks and earn a starting pay of $12.50 an hour.

The consultant’s role when working with students is to act as an engaged reader and listener, providing informed, constructive criticism directed toward the focus, scope, evidence, analysis, organization, clarity,  style, and presentation of papers and presentations. Consultants generally focus on big picture issues of assignment criteria, organization, development, and purpose with respect to the disciplinary conventions rather than on correcting surface errors. 


Consultants provide faculty mentors with constructive feedback on how students are experiencing communication-enhanced curriculum and assignments. They can provide feedback on teaching materials, including assignments sheets and handouts, and share observations regarding student experiences regarding communication instruction, activities, and assignments, including areas where students may need more clarity, explanation, or practice. Consultants and faculty meet at the beginning of the semester to establish expectations and to discuss course goals, assignments and the schedule and then meet periodically throughout the semester to share observations and feedback.