Become A Communication Consultant

Why Be A Communication Consultant?

The communication consultant role is dynamic and rewarding, and can allow you to:

  • Develop communication, critical thinking, public speaking, problem-solving, collaboration, and leadership skills
  • Improve your overall confidence
  • Support members of your community
  • Deepen your disciplinary knowledge
  • Practice giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Network with other consultants, peers, faculty mentors, and CxC staff, which can lead to other opportunities such as internships and full-time jobs
  • Work on campus

Responsibilities of a Communication Consultant

CxC provides consultants with ongoing training and professional development to help them fulfill these responsibilities. Consultants also will work directly with their faculty mentor to shape and fulfill these responsibilities.

  • Meet face-to-face in person or online with peers outside of class time to discuss writing and speaking assignments
  • Meet with the course instructor regularly
  • Attend the course as much as possible throughout the semester
  • Maintain meeting logs
  • Arrive on time for appointments, meetings, classes, and other CxC activities
  • Check and respond to email regularly
  • Complete a beginning of the semester training, an ePortfolio, and other professional development activities as required elements of your position


What is the difference between a communication consultant and a teaching assistant (TA)?

A communication consultant never grades or evaluates papers or speeches. Instead, they provide feedback and guidance to students in the class about how they can improve as writers, speakers, and presenters.

I’m nervous about giving feedback. How will I know what to say?

Communication consultants go through a two-day beginning of the semester training before they begin consultations. Here they learn and practice how to carry out a consultation and how to provide feedback on papers and presentations.

How will I be supported during the semester?

CxC staff members are available for questions every day. We send weekly emails with timely reminders and tips for consultations. We also host two professional development workshops to support your success.

I have never made an ePortfolio before. Will this be a problem for me?

Not at all! Most of our consultants have not yet created an ePortfolio. We have resources and examples that provide guidance and instruction for creating a successful ePortfolio. This ePortfolio can be used and adapted even after your time with CxC has ended.

Contact CXC

If you have any questions or concerns about working as a consultant or when you are working as a consultant, please don’t hesitate to contact Eddy Hicks, Program Coordinator of CxC, at or 704-687-5517