In 2009, UNC Charlotte faculty identified the need for departmental support to address UNC system-wide plans to integrate communication across the college curriculum. Faculty interested in reviving a previous WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) initiative proposed a Communication Across the Curriculum program to emphasize the importance of writing and speaking in student learning. In consultation with Dr. Chris Anson of NC State University, faculty developed a model of consulting with departments to map discipline-specific communication learning goals and create a communication-enhanced curriculum. 

In 2013-2014, then Director Jean Coco collaborated with CxC departments to pilot a Communication Consultant program. Student communication consultants work with peers in their major to provide discipline-specific support to help students develop communication competencies. This program continues to expand as new CxC departments are added.  

In 2015, Dr. Stephanie Norander joined CxC as the Executive Director, bringing with her thirteen years of experience as a teacher, researcher, and leader in both curriculum and faculty development. In 2016, Dr. Heather Bastian joined as the Associate Director, bringing with her twelve years of experience as a teacher and researcher of writing and five years as a leader in curriculum and faculty development. Under their direction, the CxC program tripled the number of student communication consultants working with faculty in communication-enhanced courses, launched a teaching academy to support faculty teaching writing- and oral-intensive courses, and supported the development of the general education critical thinking and communication course (CTCM 2530, formerly LBST 2301).

In 2022, Dr. Heather Bastian became the Director of CxC, and in 2023, Eddy Hicks joined CxC as the program coordinator. Under Dr. Bastian’s leadership, CxC continues to support student communication consultants across the disciplines, faculty teaching CTCM 2530: Critical Thinking and Communication, and departments and faculty as they integrate communication into their program and course curricula as part of the Charlotte Core.