CxC supports the use of ePortfolios as one way to realize a communication-enhanced curriculum. 

What is an ePortfolio?

ePortfolios are private pages for students to store and review past work, present situations, and plans for future endeavors. They also are public presentations for institutional and career assessment.  

They are spaces that not only store artifacts of academic and extracurricular work and experiences but also question the value of the changes, processes, and results of these works and experiences. They create connection on personal style, beliefs, theory and practice.   

ePortfolios are considered “High Impact Practice” because they contribute to students’ cumulative learning and can be incorporated into a major, minor, or an individual course.

Why use ePortfolios?

ePortfolios promote communication, reflective thought, and integrative learning. They encourage students to examine, question, and set goals on work they have done and want to continue to explore. ePortfolios have been used successfully in business, medical, architecture, art, and liberal arts graduate and undergraduate programs.  

Sounds interesting. How do I learn more?

Contact us to set up a consultation where we can discuss your department’s curriculum.